It looks a little different round here, no? This site has mostly served my songwriting output, but that feels terribly unrepresentative of this complex thing I call a career now. Here’s why I decided to shake things up here at krishalpindotcom.

My career has changed so immeasurably in the last two years. I couldn’t have predicted where I would be now, but it’s wonderful to be here. I’m a successful independent recording and touring artist, fresh from my first UK headline tour. I’ve been the subject of much media coverage, with features on TV, radio, and two(!) documentary films that are on the way. It’s all coming together, and I don’t take a moment for granted.

The context in which I work, at the intersection between disability, music and technology, brings with it a whole other world of opportunities. I’ve been in demand as a speaker and workshop leader, both as Associate Musician for Drake Music, and working directly with other organisations.

I’m still running studio, The Playhaus, too. I have less time for the private tuition I’ve paid the bills with for the last few years, but I still do as much as I can. It’s nice problem to have; such is the demand for my own music and ideas.

This website, krishalpindotcom, will now be addressing all this fun other stuff; everything I do except my own music. This site will be a portfolio and point of contact for my music and education services. It will also I hope be something of a journey to share with you, as I focus more time on SEN/D music tuition work. Having done workshops in that context, I’ve found it immensely rewarding. It’s amazing to be told by young disabled people that my success is inspiring them, but they inspire me too. More of that please.

My blog is still alive and well at, and will remain the freeform, wherever my head is at body of writing. And for all things to do with my music, you’ll find that at

Lots of Music and SEN/D projects I’m involved with currently; I’ll reveal more in the coming weeks. And of course, if my services could be of use to you, please do get in touch. Let’s do something incredible.