Wow! What a weekend! I’m in Brussels Airport waiting to head home after what was a really excited time representing Music Tech Fest at the European Commission’s Resarch & Innovation Conference. I was there to talk about MTF and my work, and inevitably, do some close-up glove magic.

This was less ‘live show’ and more ‘show and tell’ – I played through different parts of songs and explained to an eager and transient audience how it all works. I was glad of this set up, as I’m battling a really yucky voice problem this week; I doubt I could sing a full set at the moment.

The reaction to what I was doing was really, really positive! So many kind words, so if you’re reading this because we met yesterday, THANK YOU! It’s easy to forget when I’m hacking and tweaking alone in my studio just how new and different this stuff is. Playing an invisible violin is a neat party piece, and there was no shortage of ooohs and wows at the conference.

It was a bittersweet time too, heading to the very heart of the activity that defines Europe. Arriving in the European District from the UK, seeing Brussels as the centre of what defines the EU, it makes me sad. It makes me angry. I’m sure some of my UK readers don’t want to hear this, but I am unashamedly pro-Europe. The fact the the UK is rejecting all of this is something I’m still wrestling with. There are uncertain times ahead, but for now I’m just incredibly grateful that my work allows me to travel and see so much of Europe, and I can only hope that Brexit doesn’t make that more difficult.