Watch the short film, The Gloves Are On, Directed by Lee Cogswell and supported by the PRS Foundation.

Kris Halpin works with Imogen Heap's groundbreaking gloves, demonstrating their potential as an accessible musical instrument. Kris is the first artist ever to use this incredible instrument in this context, and has appeared on BBC 1, BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Channel 4 with them, as well as features in both national and regional press.
I'm a singer, a songwriter, a producer and technologist. As well as my own music, I work hard to innovate at the intersection between music and disability. I work with Imogen Heap's groundbreaking gloves, furthering their use as accessible music technology. I am a busy workshop leader and keynote speaker on music and disability. I work with music and disability charities Drake Music, Attitude Is Everything and HemiHelp to further enable disabled musicians, and amplify the conversation around music & disability.

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Welcome, again!

Hi there! I’ve met a lot of new people events across the UK in recent weeks, which means a lot of new visiting this website. Mostly because people are interested in seeing what I’ve been doing gloves, and of course now we have the excellent PRSF funded film (directed by Lee Cogswell) it is a great to introduce people to what I’ve been doing.

But I can’t help notice of course, is that I am not quite as prolific a blogger as I used to be. There is an archive of my older blog post, but the busier I am the less time I have to talk about it via the blog. That is inevitable but particular frustrating, because of course there is so much interesting stuff to tell you about. Part of the problem I’m realising is accessibility. My hand issues continue to be complicated and typing isn’t actively and accessible way of doing things. With that in mind I’m experimenting with voice to text software, which is how you are reading this now. And it seems to be working okay… Even understood that when I said quote “…” It understood that I meant… Oh hang on, no it didn’t… Early days!

So if you are new here, thanks for stopping by and the next two days I’m gonna start catching up on some of the events that I’ve been attending over the last few weeks talking about all the interesting projects that are going on.


NEWS: National Lottery Award Nomination!

Extraordinary and slightly bemusing news; the show The Gloves Are On is up for a National Lottery Award for Best Arts Project! More deets in the video!


It looks a little different round here, no? This site has mostly served my songwriting output, but that feels terribly unrepresentative of this complex thing I call a career now. Here’s why I decided to shake things up here at krishalpindotcom.

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