Let me catch my breath. Srsly. It’s been an incredible year so far. Some real pinch-me highlights, that I have to list just to make sure they actually happened…

  • Appearing on BBC Radio 1 with Huw Stephens, discussing my work with the gloves in an accessibility context. Discussing Accessible Music Tech. On Radio 1. We live in the future.
  • Appearing on BBC 1 prime time news, talking about, well y’know… Making sufficient impression that I get recognised in supermarkets for it, which is nice.
  • My first UK Headline tour! Overwhelmingly well received, a huge victory for amplifying the conversation around disability and music.
  • Performing on stage on said tour with Imogen Heap(!) performing one of my all-time favourite songs, Breath In (originally by Imogen’s band Frou Frou) with 2(!) pairs of gloves on the same stage! A tech first!
  • Representing my work with Drake Music and sharing my story at music education events such as musicALL in Birmingham and ISME in Scotland.
  • Performing at the 2015 Paralympic Day celebration in London, a performance that was briefly covered in Channel 4’s TV coverage of the event.
  • Being invited to present the gloves with the mi.mu team at Abbey Road; proper bucket list stuff.
  • Performing at Music Tech Fest 2016 in Berlin, showcasing my work with the gloves to possibly the most discerning and talented audience of technologists at the biggest celebration of new music technology.

Enough not-even-remotely-humblebragging? I know, right. So how did we get here?